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Canvas Style Photography Backdrop - various sizes

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For professional portrait or fashion photography in the classic (and trendy New York) style or food shots wanting an infinity curve for a seamless background and backdrop in one, our hand painted fabric backdrops are ace.

We mention canvas because that's what everyone thinks of, but actually that would be heavy as hell and more likely to crack because the surface would be solid paint.  Our method is much better for rolling and storing - lighter weight almost muslin, natural, undied and untreated fabric, in an open weave with small air holes making the surface structure less prone to cracking.  

Starting at 3x6 foot (we've gone imperial for fabrics sorry, its how we buy the fabric and how most people imagine sizes for portrait/fashion backdrops in relation to people) we can make almost any size you like but those listed here are always seamless and sold with protective bags finished with ribbon in the colour of your backdrop for easy identification and quick grabbing on set.


Choose from our standard colours or email us for customisations -