Handpainted Food Styling Photography Background Boards

Our collection of photography background board designs range from textured concrete and industrial finishes to organic stone and abstract paint effects. We can custom finish any of these hand painted surfaces to your own colour reference.

Each photo background is sealed to make them splash and spill proof. Timber framed for strength and durability.

Designed to last and withstand the rigours of studio and location work, all of our painted backgrounds are made waterproof with a double coat of matt sealant and our larger boards are timber framed for stability and safe storage.

These are solid, unique, hand crafted pieces of surface art with detailed texture.  

We offer a free colour matching surface on all our designs, email tom@woodrowstudios.co.uk to find out more.  

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'Custom’ Hand-Painted Photography Background Board
'Custom’ Hand-Painted Photography Background Board