Extending your canvas in photoshop using AI generative expand.


Expanding your canvas in photoshop using AI generative fill.

I’ve used this image taken by @neilwhitephoto using one of my hand painted canvases. I’m often asked for much larger staging canvases for portraiture shots, but the artist duck canvas rolls and their packaging (and the fact my studio is quite small) means I can only really create to a maximum width of 180cm.

This is such a simple function to use and so useful - when extra textured space is required for text for example. This is easily applied to extend the hand painted textured food photography surfaces too.

I think there will always be creative value in building and composing actual physical compositions with considered props and surfaces, but simple AI tools like this can help by reducing the studio space needed and the outlay on size specific backdrops. Have you used this tool? What do you think 🤔