"What I love about Woodrow Studios' surfaces is that
not only is each background beautiful, they are also unique"
David Loftus 



Handcrafted surfaces are made to order and dispatched within 2 weeks, but often we can deliver much sooner if required. If you have a specific date your surface is required for email tom@woodrowstudios.co.uk and we will advise if we can guarantee fulfilment before you order. 

Tracking details will be advised on shipment.

Urgent Orders

We will always do our best to hurry along an order if needed urgently.  Please call Tom on 07764894392 to discuss having your order quicker or check what stock we can send out immediately if you are having a styling emergency!

Handcrafted Background Board Construction & Standard Sizes

All of our boards are made from high-quality plyboard. Our standard sizes are -

60x60cm - on 9mm ply, these small boards are easy to store at home or in the kitchen.  Perfect for crafters, bloggers and chefs wanting overhead shots of food or small products.

60x90cm - on 9mm ply mounted on timber frames.  These boards have been developed with the help of photographers, cooks and stylists to offer a medium sized board that is easily transported but big enough for slightly lower and wider angled shots.

80x120cm - on 12mm ply mounted on timber frames.  These are perfect for commercial studios and photographers offering a good area with plenty of background to play with.

Depending on the applications used, some will have timber mounts on the back - this will be noted on the product listing for boards at 60x90cm and 80x120cm. (All 60x60 boards are unmounted.)

Larger and custom size boards are available, please enquire.

Double sided boards?

We don't offer double sided boards as standard but are happy to quote on two surfaces made back-to-back on one board.  The reasons we don't make them as standard, which you may wish to consider are-

  • It's not how we like to style - we find it easier to have everything you need available (facing up) at one time to group props, get the next shot ready etc
  • They are more likely to be damaged in storage or transit
  • From a commercial point of view - the raw materials make up a small percentage of the overall cost of a handcrafted product, so it doesn't save a lot of money, and in our opinion not enough in light of the points made above!

Board Materials & Consistency

Our effects are mainly acrylic and emulsion paint based but we also use spray paints, stains, scrap metal, metallic leaves/foils, antique and vintage papers, builders materials and different plasters/filers to add interest or match organic textures.  As a custom-made product every board will be slightly different due to the nature of the techniques used, we try to photograph everything in natural light as well as a full studio set up to show you the characteristics and true colour of each board.  

Colour Matching

We are happy to colour match for you when an exact colour is required.  We find the best way to do this is to either send a swatch sample or refer to a paint chart such as Duluxe, farrow and Ball, Little Greene Paint Co etc

Salvaged/reclaimed items

When dealing with salvaged props we give a guide size on the product listing as they can vary slightly - if you need a specific size please email us and we can make sure to find one that is suitable.

Care & Storage

Our boards are protected with a matt polyurethane coat to allow them to endure small food spills and wiping with a damp cloth. PLEASE NOTE - this chemical is listed as non-harmful, however we do not recommend consuming food which has been in direct contact with boards coated in polyurethane.

60 x 90cm Boards should be stored INSIDE at an ambient temperature, lay flat or slightly against a wall in a dry room out of direct sunlight.  

80 x 120cm Boards should be stored and used flat to prevent the surface from distorting/warping over time.

Canvas backdrops should be rolled and wrapped to store, full instructions provided with each piece.

Damaged Goods

We do our best to pack and protect everything so it arrives as it left, but if any part of your order arrives damaged please let us know straight away and we will arrange for its return and repair.


Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on made-to-order pieces. If an item gets damaged in transit we will arrange and pay for it's return and repair then get it sent out to you again as soon as possible.

Any issues must advised within 24 hours of delivery and original packaging kept to return the item in (as much as possible).

We do our best to show our photography backgrounds under different lighting and in different settings to show their true colours and textures, and of course all hand crafted items are unique and have slightly different details.  If in doubt about any of our products please feel free to email for more pictures and information.