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How cute are these? And SUPER simple too which is what I'm all about when it comes to wowing the kids. In fact they'd probably enjoy helping too.

The only tricky bit - if you're as anal as me and want good 'wedge' shapes you'll need to buy a pack of screwball ice creams for the moulds :) I bought a pack of 5 for less than a quid in Morrisons.  You'll also need to stand them carefully in the freezer - a tupperware box and frozen berries worked for me!


To make 5 watermelon ice lollies

Half a small watermelon, slice and remove the skin

3-6 really ripe strawberries to add colour and sweeten to your taste (I used 3)

Juice of half a lemon

Coconut milk - 1 tin/pouch of

2 Kiwis, pealed and the white centre removed

2-4 mint leaves, again to add colour - 4 will look best but 2 may actually keep this bit edible for kids

Splash of water

5 screwball pots, 5 lolly sticks (or an actuall lolly mould and lids would be the easy option)


Wizz up the watermelon, strawbs and lemon juice in a Nutribullt or similar.

Pour into the moulds to about 3/4 full. Put the lolly sticks in - remarkably they actually stood up and stayed in the middle for me, I think something in the bottom of the Screwball moulds helped. 

Stand carefully and freeze for 2-3 hours.

Add a layer of coconut milk, about 5-10mm thick depending on how much room you've left - don't forget you need to get a green layer on top of this too.  Freeze again for 30-60min.

Wizz the kiwi, water and mint FOR ONLY A FEW SECONDS OR IT WILL GO BROWN!!

Add a thin layer of the kiwi mix on top of the coconut layer.  Now, if you are using the screwball moulds, you will need to melt the top green layer back slightly to get them out (I overlooked the ridge on the top) so a bit more than you need here is fine as some will be melted back later.

Freeze again for at least 20 min.  

To remove from the screwball moulds run some warm water around the top edge and rub around the sides.  They should come out with a wiggle - if not run more warm water in a circle around the top rim to remove some of the green bit.

Voila! Sit back and bask in the glory of how cute and tasty they are.  

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