Ouchy Arms, Cookbook Releases and a Studio Opening

This week I've been somewhat cornered into an unplanned period of adminstrative convelesence. The cause of which centers around my recent ill judged and overly enthusiastic decision to take up wakeboarding at the age of 47 and tearing my left tricep, (please form an orderly que to my pity party...) By some miracle the prognosis belies the alarming shoulder to wrist bruising and my general whimpering, plus it's my left arm so I am still painting, albeit gingerly this week. Having run out of the boring admin to do and almost run out of human spirit creating nonsensical 'Reels' to appease the Instagram gods I thought I'd write some sort of direct hello on here in the form of a 'sort of' newsletter.

Photo above is by Jon at The Portait Kitchen who popped into the studio recently to say hello. (Visitors always welcome at my studio, and you get a free Woodrow Studios coffee mug, whether you want one or not)


It's been another very busy year painting, I'm still fairly happless at keeping track of where all these boards go after they leave my studio so if you have any cookbook (or any other project) you'd like me to shout about when they are published please do let me know so I can buy a copy and help spread the word. I do know the lovely Sanjana Modha AKA @sanjanafeasts has an awesome debut cookbook in the pipeline with crowd funding publisher @unbound, you can pre-order via the link in her bio right now, there are other goodies available and she's even created an audiobook version for any ASMR lovers- her Indian cookery is next level and I'm so chuffed some Woodrow Studios backdrops get to feature in it.


Sanjana Feasts Cookbook


The team egg dream team at Clarence Court published this eggcellent cookbook earlier in the year too featuring photos by David Loftus. Big thank you to Triff and the folk at Lolly Agency for entrusting me with some colourful backdrop commissions.

Clarence Court Cookbook

No plans for a Woodrow Studios calendar this year, as a one man band (and currently a one armed man) I'm running out of hours in the day unfortunately - but a big thank you to everyone who bought the 2022 calendar raising money for SHOUT, and those that helped me make it. I am slowly stirring in to action on some cool creative project ideas to fundraise for Choose Love and will let you know when these start to come together :)

K G Curated Space

Any creatives about in the East Midlands UK this weekend? I'm off to see the open day at K.G. Curated Space . I stumbled across her on Instagram recently and was immediatley stricken with studio envy- it's a gorgeous new natural light studio in Leicester, a creative space and a curation of utterly beautiful mid century furniture. The event is on Sunday 12-4:30, see their Insta for more details. Maybe see you there? (I'll be the person with his arm in a sling!)

Thats about all for now- thanks for your support of my small business over the years, and please remember to tag me in your pics if you are able so I can see your surfaces in action!

Love Tom

22 September 2022