Super Green Mood-Boosting (and DAMN Tasty) Smoothie

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It's that time of year isn't it? The Christmas high has sunk to a deep low for many of us, the leftover chocolates that got us through week one of 2017 have disappeared, but sadly our pornches haven't.  Many people are hitting the gym or taking other drastic measures in a bid to improve on their former, 2016 self.  

It seems easy for these people to find motivation (and funds) to up their game, but I find it a challenge to do much more than work, look after my children and walk the dog.  I like fresh air and active hobbies (sometimes) but exercise, uuuuurrrrrrrrr.  I prefer to make changes in my diet and home habits.  Small, manageable changes seem to work best and last longest.

So here I am sharing something i have recently (belatedly I know) cottoned on to - the mighty smoothie.  As well as changing many of my beverages (alcoholic and non) to herbal tea I am drinking a smoothie a day (OK, lets be realistic, 5 out of 7 days).

This is a concoction blending many recipes, feel free to add your own twist, just know that certain foods have magical powers-

Flax seeds - rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids.  Besides helping to reduce inflammation, these nutrients are also linked to helping reduce the risk of depression.

Spinach and mint - greens contain the most bioavailable minerals of all foods. Bioavailable refers to how much of the nutrient is actually utilized by your body, as opposed to how much of that nutrient is in the food.

Avocado - lots of different fats in here, great for long lasting energy and keeping you fuller for longer.

Lime - apparently helps with weight loss, skin care, improved digestion and relief from constipation. Perfect after a dehydrating, clogging festive season!

Wheatgrass powder - rich in tonnes of vitamins plus lots of protein.

Ginger - helps combat nausea and muscle aches (in case you worked out, by mistake)

The quantities I use are -

handful spinach 

sprig of mint

1 apple (deseeded)

1 carrot (top off)

1/2 avocado

1tbs flax

1tbs wheatgrass

thumb ginger (I don't peel it)

1/2 lime juice

Splash of water

Whizz it all up in a Nutribullet! Hang on that makes this a blast :s oh well, it's good is what it is.

As well as all of the health benefits listed above (plus more I'm not qualified to promote either), just making this amazing, vibrant smoothie, the scents, the colour, gives you an 'enormous sense of wellbeing' and a bit of pride in your body that kinda puts me off filling it with crap for the rest of the day.

I hope you enjoy it. And on a serious note, this time of year is really hard for some, please make time to engage with people who seem distant, ask if they are OK.  If you are feeling low please know that people around you will want to help if you can let them, but if that's too hard please call the samaritans on 116123.  Everyone deserves to be happy.

The Samaritans are hosting #BrewMonday on Monday the 16th Jan 2017, typically the lowest day of the year for many.  For more details please click the link.

Sophie xx