Marble tile quickie

Just a quick post to say that we are working on marble finishes, we need a break from actually making orders and styling work to research this more!

It's a tricky one but we will get there, these things can't be rushed.  Alternatives to heavy marble are already out there -

  • craft and wrapping paper is cheap but throwaway (can't clean it up after having food on it),
  • vinyl looks good but I've heard from photographers it can be a b-stard in post editing for glares and if it creases.
  • ceramic/porcelain tiles printed with marble effects can sometimes look pixelated close up and just as heavy/fragile to lug from shoot to shoot.

That said, I wanted to share this little gem i found for our shoot yesterday - I bought this tile from Topps Tiles - at £16.21 for a 60x60 tile I was really impressed with the quality.

marble effect floor tile photography background


This is the tile and how we used it-

They also have real marble options available, this one looks lovely but is of course more costly -

"Italian in origin, this highly polished Carrara marble is an indulgent white marble with greyish veining, a perfect back drop for contemporary or classic living. Its elegant style will stand the test of time, creating a timeless look in your home. Please note this tile requires sealing." Sounds good but it would need sealing with a matt varnish.

Why am I telling you to go elsewhere for your photography backgrounds, you might be thinking?  Because it comes down to what is right for the shoot and the client - there are loads of options - paper, wood, tiles, flooring, painted backgrounds, salvaged metal etc etc - they all have their place and offer different benefits.  

We will perfect our marble surface and it will have the benefit of being completely unique, lightweight compared to the real thing, wipe clean and made in larger sizes with no join lines.  

Hope you found this useful and be sure to get on our mailing list to hear about when our marble designs land on the website :)