Inspirational surfaces and custom designs

Inspirational surfaces and custom designs

Inspiration is everywhere when it comes to surfaces, Mother Nature is surely the greatest provider in this regard, beautiful patterns created by the wind and rain against exposed walls and doors, lichen & moss bejewelled rocks.

And then there are objects and materials worn down through human and industrial processes; railway sleepers, lock gates, steel containers painted and then slowly rusting away over years, factory walls scarred, painted and repaired, offering a forensic shadow of the history that happened within them.

I am regularly asked to create new custom backgrounds for clients based on all manner of photographs and images! I thought I'd write a short blog post to show how we do this.

Our online range of photography backgrounds covers many bases if you are looking for certain textures and we can do most of our listed designs in any colour at no extra cost- just ask!

However if you have a unique idea or inspiration of your own...

Step 1

Send us a picture and let us know if you want

'A literal replication of this'

'like this but with less of this'

'Something inspired by the feel/texture of this'

Reference image provided by a recent client

Step 2

If you need colour matching to be exact, give us a colour reference. Dulux is ideal (I live around the corner from a Dulux decorator centre) But Pannetone or other paint chart references are helpful. Getting a precise colour match just from a single reference picture is tricky for a number of reasons, lighting, screen calibration etc- but we are happy to send progress images in natural light to show you how your background appears in natural light before we dispatch to you. 

Step 3

Let us know what size you need and when you need it for. Our standard 80x120cm and 60x90cm will be best value.

And thats it! We'll provide a quote and an order for you to complete your purchase.

Comparing original with the work in progress

We can send progress pics along the way whilst we photograph and compare areas of detail during production

If you have any ideas or needs for an upcoming shoot, please drop me a line or give me a call on 07764894392 to get your commission underway!