Mudder Mini Metal Paper Binder Clips, Black, 2 * 40 Pieces (19 mm)


£6.99 £12.59

You can never have too many different kinds of sticker-uppers - as well as all manner of sticky tapes, glues and tacs a good range of grips and clips will always come in useful as well.  Not all at once! But as the fixer/changer/creator a prop stylist (and food stylist to some extent) needs as many tricks up their sleeve as possible.  

Brand: Mudder


  • Package contains 80 pieces of clips
  • Made of good quality steel
  • It makes sort management of your document easier and more convenient
  • Removable handle folds down to simplify filing and storage or be a convenient hanger
  • Color: black

Color: black
Width: 19 mm

Package includes:
80 * Binder clips

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