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Bostik Blu-Tack Pink 801608

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Needs no introduction!  

I buy -

  • bright prink blu tack -for general sticking/propping up because it stands out more so is a, less likely to sneak into a shot and b,  less likely to get lost/left behind on set.
  • white blu tack for propping very small things or where the pink blu tack might cause a reflection/warm shadow, for example propping a silver spoon at the correct angle on a white plate.

Brand: Blu-Tack

Color: Pink


  • Limited Edition Bostik Blu Tack branded original blue tack adhesive in PINK!!!!(approx. 60g)
  • Instant stick, no drying time
  • Handy pack
  • Reusable glue adhesive
  • Adhere accurately but can be removed easily without leaving residue - suitable for most surfaces

Publisher: Blutack